Started in 2008, Rubline Marketing has quickly become the choice of several companies looking for marketing and brand management with a personal touch. We are not bigger… and we like it that way.

Having over 20 years in sales and marketing, founder Chase Rohlfsen had seen all too often the swift decision-making and cookie cutter marketing approaches that many of the large firms across the country took time and time again with their clients. One size does not fit all. Utilizing many resources in different venues is what makes us unique. Each project is unique and that requires unique resources. Each piece is sourced to best fit the project.

“You have to get to know your client, what their goals are, what does their product or service do and how does that product or service benefit the end-user. I can truly say we get to know our clients so well… they become our friends.” -Chase Rohlfsen

Chase Rohlfsen and his family live in Northeast Iowa. Born and raised in the heart of the Midwest and a dream state for Whitetails. He will be the first to admit he is extremely blessed and with a family that shares a passion for the outdoors every day is an adventure.

Being able to mix business and personal has been a long time dream of mine. Not only do the Team and I get to find creative ways to brand products and services but many of them are items we use everyday!! I can’t think of a better way to get to know your customer and how to promote them.

Chase Rohlfsen

Chase Rohlfsen

With over 16 years in Sales and Marketing with General Motors, Chase’s passion for the outdoors was an easy transition into building brands and turning heads. Taking a careful strategic approach with balancing smart financial spending quickly made he and his firm a top choice for small start-ups to larger established companies looking to make their mark in the industry.

Brian Smith

Brian Smith

Recognized as one of the top creative minds in both the outdoor filming and production segment it was an easy decision to bring Brian into the company. Quite in nature but bold in design, Brian has dominated the digital space with his short films, commercials and social feeds. Brian also comes from a non-endemic background giving him a great outlook on everything he creates.


Mike Hecht

Better known as Big Mike, Mike handles the day to day activities of the office as general manager. Mike grew up hunting the big timbers and great lakes of Michigan. Coming to RubLine in 2016 Mike has quickly become the key communication point between our relationships with Television, Print and Digital advertisers. His passion for new products and success in the field is a key to our office as we develop new strategies around our client’s goals.


Dave Graham

Dave Graham is never without a camera in hand. Dave has grown up in the Iowa woodlots and is always looking for that perfect shot. Taking new unreleased products to the field to test and shoot is where you will find Dave most of the time. Always providing a vast amount of images and video for new product releases we count on Dave for that field shot.


Grant Darrah

Grant “the man” himself is rarely seen as his location never changes… 6″ from a computer screen but his work is published all over the world. Grant’s creative on website builds, catalog creation and ad builds brings new life to existing brands and fast forward notice to new brands. Grant plays a crucial role in all areas of creative support for RubLine.

Keegan Rohlfsen

Keegan Rohlfsen

With all the travel and production, somebody has to be in the office to keep up on the paperwork. Keegan makes sure all data input and social standings are kept up to date, a crucial piece of our business. Also a student at the moment, Keegan has hopes of one day taking a larger role within the company.