Inventive Outdoors Partners with Gartland & Associates Rep Group

Woodbridge, VA – Inventive Outdoors, creator of some of the hunting industry’s most innovative products, is excited to announce they have entered an agreement with sales and marketing legends William J. Gartland & Associates. The Gartland & Associates group will be responsible for continuing positive growth and sales of Inventive Outdoors’ products throughout the United States and abroad. Based in Ohio, the company has a long and successful history as manufacturers reps for some of the most well-known brands in hunting and outdoor products.

Founded by Deane Elliott, Inventive Outdoors continues to experience growth in recent years. “Partnering with a world-class team like the Gartland Group makes sense for our team,” says Elliott. “We look forward to learning from them and watching their team go to work representing our growing product line.”

Inventive Outdoors offers an assortment of unique outdoor products for hunters. From their patented CWD-Freeä deer urine attractant to their patented innovative Scent Reliefä products, and the practical Gut Check Indicator system, Innovative Outdoors is on a mission to create useful and creative products for outdoorsmen and women.

For more information on Inventive Outdoors and their innovative line up of hunting products, visit their website at

About Inventive Outdoors

Inventive Outdoors LLC was founded by Deane Elliott. Deane is an avid hunter and spent over 32 years in the patent research business conducting patent searches for corporations and law firms throughout the world. Deane is the innovator behind patented Gutcheck® Indicators, pH-sensitive Indicator wraps or wipes that indicate your shot placement. These indicators are designed for use on several different species of game animals. Deane is also the creator of ScentRelief®, a patented conversion system that creates attractants and cover scents from human urine. Deane’s latest patented innovation is a non-cervid, urine-based line of attractants called CWD-Free™ that are legal in regions that allow scent use but have banned cervid-based urine attractants.