Started in 2008, RubLine has quickly become the choice of several companies looking for marketing and brand management with a personal touch. We are not bigger… and we like it that way.

Having over 20 years in sales and marketing, founder Chase Rohlfsen had seen all too often the swift decision-making and cookie cutter marketing approaches that many of the large firms across the country took time and time again with their clients. One size does not fit all. Utilizing many resources in different venues is what makes us unique. Each project is unique and that requires unique resources. Each piece is sourced to best fit the project.

“You have to get to know your client, what their goals are, what does their product or service do and how does that product or service benefit the end-user. I can truly say we get to know our clients so well… they become our friends.” - Chase Rohlfsen

Chase Rohlfsen and his family live in Northeast Iowa. Born and raised in the heart of the Midwest and a dream state for Whitetails. He will be the first to admit he is extremely blessed with a family that shares a passion for the outdoors. Every day is an adventure.

Being able to mix business and personal has been a long-time dream of mine. Not only do the Team and I get to find creative ways to brand products and services, but many of them are items we use every day!! I can’t think of a better way to get to know your customer and how to promote them.



With over 20 years in Sales and Marketing and starting his career with General Motors, Chase’s passion for the outdoors was an easy transition into building brands and turning heads. Taking a careful strategic approach with balancing smart financial spending quickly made he and his firm a top choice for small start-ups all the way to large established companies looking to make a bold statement in the industry. From initial strategy to execution, Chase has built a team that delivers results.

A father of 3 Chase is passionate about spending time in the outdoors with his kids. Should he find any alone time, you will see him on his Harley Davidson cruising.


With over 30 years of expertise in managing the production of creative projects including photo, print, web, and video, Mark has always been a designer at heart. In addition to his attention to detail, Mark is proficient at managing multiple, complex projects accurately and under tight deadlines. RubLine Customers have come to know Mark as being a consistent and dependable resource for creative solutions while remaining within budget. As a creative problem solver, Mark is constantly updating his skills to stay current in the ever-changing media market arena.

When not in the office, you will usually find Mark on a bicycle riding the gravel roads of Northeast Iowa.


Graduating from the University of Northern Iowa and having run large sales teams for major corporations such as Wells Fargo and Wachovia, Chad was a great fit as RubLine expanded. Chad’s extensive background in sales strategy and brand growth has proved to be very beneficial to our clients and the whole RubLine team. Chad runs our SE division and resides in Charlotte, NC.

Chad loves spending time in the mountains with his wife and 3 children. Hunting and off-roading are a major part of his family time.


Tina brings over 18 years of office management experience to our clients. Having overseen the financials for several McDonald’s franchises and controlling the daily office operations including 800 employees, our office has never been more organized. She also serves as Executive Assistant to RubLine President, Chase.

A mother of 3 very active, athletic children and married to a shooting enthusiast, Tina fits right in. Tina oversees financial operations and project logistics and is officed in the Traer, Iowa RubLine Office.


Spending most of his days with large screens up and headphones on, Keegan is responsible for producing many of the videos our clients use to market their products. Extremely accomplished in sound design, after effects and color correction he is also no stranger to being behind the camera as well. Having a younger eye and how media influences Generation Z lands him in our strategy meetings giving additional angles of perspective proving very helpful. A Graduate in Digital Mass Media, Keegan has been working in the industry for many years now and is located in our Traer, Iowa headquarters.

When not working you will likely find him in the woods or on a farm pond living the lifestyle.


Sara Rissi, with over 10-years omni-channel marketing expertise, is our Digital Marketing Strategist with traditional and digital marketing experience in both the manufacturing and consumer packaged goods industries. As the Digital Strategist, she manages campaign strategy and execution for clients with digital branding and sales initiatives. Sara is responsible for digital strategy, increasing digital brand awareness and ad planning for RubLine’s represented clients.

Sara and her husband are raising an active young boy in the outdoors and they spend their weekends hunting and fishing any chance they get.


Abi is a Graphic Designer with a wide range of media design skills from print to web and digital. She has worked in advertising with many major brands, led and supported digital media teams, and worked with large and small printers. Her wide range of talents complements the entire team at RubLine. Abi is responsible for helping with all of our client’s graphical needs.

Abi and her husband live in Traer, IA with their two young daughters. In her spare time, Abi is an avid painter, runner and enjoys riding her bike.


Brenna is a Creative Content Specialist handling the needs of our client’s photography and digital production. Brenna started her career in photojournalism and eventually expanded into commercial work, weddings, and lifestyle photography. Her portfolio includes work that can be found in such publications as Martha Stewart Living, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Better Homes and Gardens.

When Brenna is not behind the camera lens, she loves to spend time hiking, camping and biking.


Jake is our Marketing & Social Media Coordinator. He interacts with our client’s social fans in real-time as well distributing and generating content within the the hunting/shooting space.

Jake is an Iowa native. He studied at the University of Northern Iowa where he obtained a marketing degree with an emphasis in sales management. He also participated in the UNI Fishing Club and is an avid hunter and ice fisherman.


Marty is a manager and strategist. Marty believes that when a great partnership exists, it benefits both parties and the communities they serve. He helps build relationships with our clients, working to develop their visionary path and ensuring things stay on their directed course. Marty has performed a variety of marketing functions during his career including product development, brand management and marketing strategy.

Marty has four children, two of whom serve in Federal law enforcement roles. In his spare time, Marty enjoys introducing his toddler to the wonders of nature, visiting Iowa’s parks and New Jersey’s seashores.


Data is crucial when identifying what is working and what needs adjustment. Megan pours over thousands of minutes of video and images, audits performance of contracted advertisers, pulls analytics and data all for social media integration, and programs this data into our client dashboards as so the strategists and clients can interpret the campaign results.

Megan is an accomplished softball player and competitive dancer and located in our Traer, Iowa headquarters.


Data is crucial when identifying what is working and what needs adjustment. Dylan is part of a team that pours over thousands of minutes of video and images, audits performance of contracted media placements, pulling analytical data all for social media integration, and processing this data into our client dashboards.  This crucial data supports our strategist’s decision-making process as they review various campaign results.

Dylan is an accomplished competitive dancer who is working towards her Marketing degree from the University of Northern Iowa.


Grant “the man” himself is rarely seen as his location never changes… 6″ from a computer screen but his work is published all over the world. Grant’s creative on website builds, catalog creation and ad builds brings new life to existing brands and fast forward notice to new brands. Grant plays a crucial role in all areas of creative support for RubLine.