Transform Your Trophy Room with the New Pedestal System from Full Range

High Point, NC –If you’re paying attention, by now you’ve likely seen images or experienced for yourself just how a mounting system from Full Range Hanging System can transform a trophy room. Allowing a shoulder-mounted trophy display to pivot 180 degrees left to right has quickly become the coolest way to show off your latest trophy harvest. No longer must you choose a fixed position to permanently mount your favorite hunting memory to a flat wall. And now, Full Range Hanging Systems has improved trophy displays once again by introducing the Pedestal System.


The Pedestal System from Full Range Hanging Systems allows hunters an exciting new way to display up to three shoulder mounts in a single system. A great way to showcase your three favorite mounts, highlight a cool genetic characteristic in multiple animals, or show off all of the harvests from a recent season or hunting trip, the pedestal system will add even more versatility and excitement to the list of display options for your trophy room thanks to the team at Full Range Hanging Systems.


At an MSRP of just $140, the pedestal system allows hunters the ability to create custom trophy pedestals from nearly any display setting they can imagine. Create truly unique displays simply by grabbing a whiskey barrel or a tree stump, or go all in with a custom environmental display and incorporate brush and branches from your favorite hunting grounds. Capable of displaying one, two, or three shoulder mounts, the Pedestal System from Full Range allows for the same pivoting function as all Full Range systems and is a must have display for every big game hunter.


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About Full Range Hanging Systems


Based in North Carolina, Full Range Hanging Systems continues to find exciting, creative, new ways to display your favorite trophy harvests. No man cave or trophy room is complete without a display system from Full Range. The pioneers of the 180’ pivoting display, Full Range Hanging Systems wants you to get the most out of every trophy display you have. Never again settle for a permanent, fixed-position display for your trophies. With Full Range Hanging Systems every trophy animal will get the display they deserve, and every hunter will get a showpiece display they’re proud to show family and friends.